• (Svenska) Topp1
  • (Svenska) badrum
  • (Svenska) badrum 2
  • (Svenska) bar
  • (Svenska) bastu
  • (Svenska) bubblor
  • (Svenska) drink
  • (Svenska) eneby gård ovan
  • (Svenska) kök
  • (Svenska) kök 2
  • (Svenska) sovrum
  • (Svenska) stol
  • (Svenska) vardagsrum
  • (Svenska) vardagsrum 2

Welcome to Eneby gård!

We hope to welcome you to Eneby Gård, an old priest farm from 1762. Come and stay in one of our apartments in the old ”arbetarbostaden”, a house with both history and charm.

The garden, house and nature around have a very peaceful atmosphere. With our Gotländska chickens free ranging in the surroundings…

Here you can find a bit of everything. You can stay in a chair under a beautiful 350 year old tree and read all day, and do absolutely nothing. Just be ”here and now”. Or you can be active with hiking, canoeing, cycling, fishing and culture.

All of this and more is what our surroundings can offer!

Emma & Markus