Welcome to Eneby gård!

We hope to welcome you to Eneby Gård, an old priest farm from 1762. Come and stay in one of our apartments in the old ”arbetarbostaden”, a house with both history and charm.

The garden, house and nature around have a very peaceful atmosphere. With our Gotländska chickens free ranging in the surroundings…

Here you can find a bit of everything. You can stay in a chair under a beautiful 350 year old tree and read all day, and do absolutely nothing. Just be ”here and now”. Or you can be active with hiking, canoeing, cycling, fishing and culture.

All of this and more is what our surroundings can offer!

Emma & Markus

About us and Eneby gård

Eneby Gård is an ancient Priest’s farm. Our main building – where we live – is from 1762 with an entry gate house from 1733. The workers cottage, where the rental apartments are located is from 1939. This building housed the farm workers that occupied themself with the fields, gardens and annimals.

Our names are Emma and Markus Rosenbaum. We are a very international couple and met one summer in Chamonix France. Markus is German and lived 18 years in Australia. He spend the last 12 years in Chamonix France. Markus owned several Restaurants in Australia. He is a creative qualified chef with enormous experience and multiple talents.

His experience in renovating properties, he acquired over the years, led him into running his professional renovation business in France. This know how enabled us to buy and plan the improvements for Eneby Gård!

Emma works with interior home ware now and has a very long work history in the fashion industry and marketing.

We live permanent with our dog, cats and chickens at Eneby Gård. Everyone who ever visited Eneby expressed the wish to come soon and visit again. Markus does not like to leave the farm and can be met all year wearing his work clothes.

Our chicken are Gotländska country chicken, a race that is pure and traces back to the Vikings already. They run around free all year and give us plenty of ecological powder pink eggs.

If you live here in the country side on a large farm you have to have cats. They are lovely little beasts which keep all rodents under control. Their names are Kajsa and Nikita and they work hard to keep our property perfectly clean!

Although they are halve sisters, they don’t necessarily love each other and one hears and sees them occasionally fighting and chasing each other.

We hope to have the opportunity to welcome you one day to the beautiful Sörmlands nature. We don’t think there are any language problems, as we talk fluently German, English, French and Swedish.

Welcome to our own little paradise,
Emma & Markus



Södermanland, calls itself also Sörmland, is a region in eastern Sweden. The name means the land of the southern people. The southern people where the population South of the lake Mälaren. The region has 8388 km² and a population of 1,2 million.

The region borders to Östergötland, Närke, Västmanland and Uppland. The eastern side is the Baltic sea. The beautiful nature that we love so much is full of luscious fields, that often reach to the side of one of our many lakes and enormous forests full of game, mushrooms and berries. Our lakes are a year round playground on which you can fish paddle, water-ski and long distance ice skate. It’s a perfect blend of open agricultural landscape and forests with scenic small country roads.

The region is also famous for its many castles and mansions. Especially in the summer many of those serve light lunches and delicious fresh cakes and pastries and have also often classical concerts or may be some Jazz in their amazing parks. Some of the best known are Slott Gripsholm or Nyköpingshus but also Julita herrgård.

Sörmland is even full of historic sites dating back to the stone age. You can find mines from the bronze and iron ages.

The very active holiday maker has the opportunity to walk parts or even the whole Sörmlandsleden. This is an approximate 1000km long walking track circling round in Södermanland. Always a possibility to drive to one or another position of the track and hike and picnic for the day.

What to do

• Castles:
More than 400 castles and mansions – most can be visited on a 145km round trip- the best know being Slot Gripsholm (also Tucholsky’s Roman) in Mariafred, a pictoresque village by the Mälaren

• Fine food:
Many good Restaurants in mansions and castles and also the surrounding townships. Coffe and cake is a Swedish habit, so you find nice small Cafés and bakeries everywhere you may drive

• Stockholm:
easy accessible for a day trip via fast train in 55 minutes from Katarineholm or with the regional train in 1hr15min from Flen

• Home of the “Inga Lindström” Tv Series

• Christmas markets:
Many to be found in the region in the season

• Concerts:
in one of the castles or nearby towns especially in summer outdoors

• Theater in the old mine of Hällesfortsnäs

• Local festivals in most townships


The drive to Flen is 12 km, takes about 10 minutes and you find there several large Supermarkets, a Pharmacies, Bottle shop and more. We recommend to go to Katrineholm however, 16km and a 15 minute drive. It is much bigger, has a large industrial area and more choice.

We also have a small Supermarket in Valla just 5 km and a 5 minute drive from us

Proximities and Public Transport connections

You can easily take a train from the railway station in Katrineholm or Flen to Stockholm for a sightseeing day trip. From Katrineholm departs the fast train and takes just 55 minutes to Stockholm central station, but the regional train is with 1hr 15 minutes just a little bit slower and a bit cheaper and stops and leaves from both towns. Also the attractive townships of Eskilstuna, Norrköping and Linköping are even a shorter car drive or train ride away from.

If you don’t want to drive you can also take the bus line 780, direct 500m from us, which brings you either direction stopping right in front of the Katrineholm or respective Flen railway station.

Our apartments

Apartment 1 & 3

Two mirror identical 60 m² ground floor apartments in a fully renovated house “arbetarbostaden” from 1939 sleeping up to 4 persons.

Both have:
• A large Master bedroom with dividable double bed and walk in cupboard
• A large living room with cozy wood burning cast iron stove, internet TV and a comfortable double sofa bed
• A modern, newly equipped dine in kitchen with dishwasher
• A large bathroom exclusively renovated with Italian tiles and broken marble and extra large 1,2m x 1m shower
• A small hallway entrance with coat hangers and shoe storage
• Small covered entrance balcony and also private outdoor eating BBQ area, walk out into the garden and pick apples from the trees,red currants or rhubarbe next to the house
• A common washing room with washing machine in the cellar
• WIFI access
• A large sauna house adjoining is being renovated with completion planned for the summer 2015
• Free push bikes to explore the region


Apartment 2

A 120 m² apartment in the first story of a fully renovated house “arbetarbostaden” from 1939 sleeping up to 6 persons.

• Two large Master bedroom with dividable double bed , cupboards and one with “en suite bathroom” with extra large shower 1,2 mx 1m
• One small bedroom with 2 single beds adjoining the living room
• A large living room with internet TV
• A modern, newly equipped dine in kitchen with dishwasher and a cozy wood burning cast iron stove
• One common bath room as well as the “ensuite bath room”, exclusively renovated with Italian tiles and broken marble and extra large 1,2m x 1m shower
• A small hallway entrance with coat hangers and shoe storage
• Possibility to add 2 extra beds
• Small covered entrance balcony and also outdoor eating BBQ area ,walk out into the garden and pick apples from the trees opposite the entrance
• A common washing room with washing machine in the cellar
• WIFI access
• A large sauna house adjoining is being renovated this with completion the summer 2015
• Free push bikes to explore the region


Prices and conditions

Email us for pricerequest.

Rental periods:
1 week = 7 days and 6 Nights
Arrival from 14-00 o’clock and departure before 10-00 o’clock in the morning. We can arrange luggage storage for you if you arrive early or want to spend the departure day here.
We would like to book our weeks from Saturday to Saturday only during June/July/August. If you are planning a different period just contact us and we will try everything possible to help if possible


• At least a part payment of 20% or the total is required after the booking to confirm and lock in your dates. We suggest you pay the full amount to simplify things, otherwise the whole balance has to be paid 6 weeks prior to your date.
Payment can be made directly by EU transfer into our Swedish bank account or via credit card.
• Cancellation:
• Please let us know as soon as possible if you have to cancel your booking. We will make all efforts possible to refund your payment.
• Security: We don’t take a security deposit, but would like a credit card we can charge in case of damages. Small accidents, like a broken glass, are of course acceptable.